Punishments at The Citadel

Hello as a cadet at the Citadel I know the many ups and downs of this place that the average civilian doesn’t see from the outside looking in.  One of the major problems I feel cadets have with The Citadel is punishments, or cons and tours.  A con is a hour of confinement in your room.  A tour is a hour of marching up and down the quad.  These cons and tours can only be served while you are suppose to be on leave.  So in actuality you can only serve about 16 tours or cons in a week, that is if you do not leave at all.  Then to make matters worse after your evening cons or tours you have restrictions, which just keep you from leaving.  I personally believe that this can effect ones mental health.  This punishment is cruel and usual.  Say someone had 120 tours and cant leave for a month or two.  Not only are they going to be miserable and hate this school they are going to miss out on much memory making with their fellow classmates.  Sitting in your room by yourself or walking up and down a quad for hours teaches nothing.  It only brings resentment.  I’ve also found that people never learn their lesson from it.   Most of the time you see the same people marching tours every weekend , why you ask, not because they are bad cadets, but they have given up on the school.  Which in my opinion is totally understandable.  The Citadel’s staff doesn’t seem to show much mercy or be understanding.  This is a mistake that we must fix.

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My name is Hugh Smith.  I am currently a sophomore at The Citadel in Charleston South Carolina.  I am majoring in Business Administration.  I’m from a small town called Aynor, about 20 minutes outside of Myrtle Beach.

In my spare time I enjoy hunting and fishing.  Duck hunting and deer hunting are my favorite types of hunting and catfishing is my favorite type of fishing.  In the summer I love to wake board on the river and surf and fish at the beach.  I enjoy all sports, football and MMA are my favorite.

I went to Aynor High where I wrestled and played football all four years.  I grew up on a farm and that is where I have worked most of my life.  Later years in highs school I started working as a salesman at Conway Feed and Garden.

As far as the Citadel goes it is a great school.  However the uniforms, parades, and punishments are probably my least favorite parts about it.  I enjoy how I am around my friends pretty much all day everyday because we can’t leave.

After graduation I plan on moving to a big city to work for a few years then moving back home to run the family business.  I feel like the city will help me become more well rounded in the business world and I will also be able to meet new people.

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